Students and staff after meeting the Black Arm Band at the Mondavi Center
Students and staff after meeting the Black Arm Band at the Mondavi Center


Michelle Villegas-Frazier

Michelle Villegas-Frazier

  • Director
  • Strategic Native American Retention Initiatives/Student Affairs, Pomo, Pinoleville

Michelle Villegas-Frazier, who previously worked for a decade in outreach programs on campus, returned to become the first director of Strategic Native American Retention Initiative in Student Affairs. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience in Native American outreach and retention services and programs.

Michelle will provide strategic leadership to identify opportunities for enhancing the persistence, achievement and graduation rates for Native American students. She will lead efforts to develop partnerships across the university and develop and implement a plan to serve students from orientation through graduation.

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Erienne Ramos

  • Office Coordinator
  • Strategic Native American Retention Initiatives/Student Affairs, Citizen Band Potawatomi

Bozho, my name is Erienne Ramos and my pronouns are she/her. I am the Office Coordinator for the Native American Retention Initiative. I am Citizen Band Potawatomi. As a UC Davis student I majored in Women and Gender Studies, emphasis in Law, and minor in Native American Studies. After gradation I worked at a Sacramento nonprofit that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I’m honored to return to UC Davis as a staff member to support the persistence, achievement, and graduation rates for Native American students. In my free time I enjoy cooking healthy meals, being physically active, and reading about ways to transform intergenerational trauma.

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Tracy Thomas, LMFT

  • Community Counselor
  • UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services (position housed at NAASSC)

Student Assistants

Photo of student assistant Alesha in blue shirt.

Alesha B.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19
  • Blackfoot

Greetings! My name is Alesha Byrne, and I am a 5th year transfer from Sacramento City College. I am an East Asian Studies Major and a Chicanx Studies Minor, and plan to use the knowledge I get from my university experience to better serve my local community. I am a local martial arts instructor at three different locations in Sacramento and Placer County and hope to create a program for at risk and low income children.


Shanice B.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19
  • Wailaki, Yuki, Pomo, Concow, and Nomlacki

N-shong sh-kee-ye’. Shanice Britton Shi-ghwoo-she. Kin-teelh-cho-be’ sii-ghang’. Wailaki is-kee-ta Yuki is-kee-ta Pomo is-kee-ta Concow is-kee-ta Nomlacki is-kee-ta. Dii-jing Wailaki kun-nes ku-nish-yish.  Good greeting my relatives. My name is Shanice Britton and I am from Round Valley. I am among the Wailaki, Yuki, Pomo, Concow, and Nomlacki tribes. The language I am speaking is Wailaki. I am a fifth year Animal Science Major with a Native American Studies Minor. I plan on attending Veterinary School and becoming the veterinarian for my tribe.


Rose C.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19
  • White Mountain Apache
Welcome, my name is Rose. I am a 5th year transfer from Southern California. I am White Mountain Apache on my fathers side. After attaining my NAS/Environmental Policy Degree from UCD I intend on applying to law school. My career focus will be on the overlap and intersections of Environmental Law and Federal Indian Law.

Sheridan F.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19
  • Pit River and Wintu

My name is Sheridan Foster. I am from Redding, CA. I am Pit River and Wintu. I am a second year at UC Davis. I am studying Psychology with a Biology emphasis as well as minor in Studio Art. After receiving my degree I plan on doing research in art therapy.


Aimee S.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19

I’m a re-entry student from Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA. I am a senior that is currently working on two degrees in Psychology and Human Development. I am the sole parent of five beautiful children. Three of which are in college (Sacramento State, San Jose State and Solano Community College) and two are in high school. My great-grandfather was full-blooded Shoshone and I also come from Mexican and Filipino decent. I love to worship the Lord through dance and am active at my local church and community.


Jacob W.

  • Student Assistant, 2018-19
  • Acomo Pueblo, Sky City, New Mexico Road Runner Clan

I'm 40 years old. I have 2 children, a daughter who will be five this year and a son who just turned seventeen this October. I am originally from Hawaii, but I am not Hawaiian. I am mixed Native from Acoma Pueblo, Sky City New Mexico of the road runner clan and Western European. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree majoring in Environmental Science and Management focusing on Ecology, Biodiversity, and conservation. I hope to be able to work in the field as soon as I graduate as a plant ecologist for my Nation, or any other Native Nation. I also enjoy being outdoors as much as I can to show my appreciation of Mother Earth for all that she has given me.