Professional Development Services

The Nest is constantly promoting, facilitating, and collaborating many professional development workshops, panels, and activities throughout the quarter. Come by the Nest to view our calendar for upcoming events and/or to talk to one of our advisors for further professional guidance.

Director of Strategic NA Retention Initiative

The Director for The Native Nest supports students in many capacities, including professionally. Through her experiences and connections the Director provides students with the appropriate professional advice to establish or advance their professionalism.

Internship and Career Center (ICC) Advising

At the NAASSC students can meet with an ICC representative to enhance their knowledge and receive the necessary encouragement and support to discuss topics relating to career, internship, and employment options.

Graduate Student Advising

NAS Graduate students provide insight of what to expect in an NAS graduate program. Including the ins and out of the application process, allowing students to gain clarity for a deeper understanding within NAS Master and PHD programs.