NAASSC and NARI Fall Quarter Updates

The Native American Academic Student Success Center

The Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC)  will be open for Fall 2021. The Nest staff and partners are available for virtual  or in person appointments for Fall Quarter. NAASSC Director, Michelle Villegas-Frazier can be reached via email.

Staying connected 

To stay connected we have a monthly newsletter that comes out during the first week of the month! We also have social media accounts you can follow on Instagram and Facebook.  

FallEvents and community check-ins will be hosted in-person and virtually. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, and email us if you are interested in attending any of our virtual programs.

This quarter we are also utilizing two text apps, Remind Me, and Whatsapp, for students to be able to connect with each other.



Beginning on January 11, 2021 AATC will offer different ways for students to get help from our team of Peer Tutors.

  • Virtual drop in 
  • One-on-one appointments using OASIS
  • Tutor led content reviews
  • Workshops and Co-classes

Chemistry Drop-in Tutoring for CHE 2, 8, and 118 Beginning October 9th

  • MTWR: 1-4 
  • F: 10-1 
  • Sun: 3-7  

Math Drop-in Tutoring for MAT 12,16, 17, and 21 Beginning October 9th 

  • MTWR: 1-4
  • F: 10-1
  • Sun: 3-7

Physics Drop-in Tutoring for PHY 7 and 9 Beginning October 12

  • MTWR: 1-4pm

The center partners with AATC and can provide free tutoring, please email Michelle Villegas-Frazier for one-on-one tutoring opportunities.

Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers (AATC) provides academic support to students enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Writing Across the Disciplines.  Our professional instructional staff offer classes, workshops, and office hours, and individual writing appointments.  To support our services, 220 undergraduate tutors will provide individual tutoring sessions in over 40 math and science courses and 200 courses in writing across the disciplines.

  • Pre-Classes are available for students to prepare for calculus and physics courses.  Concurrent courses are also available to support students currently enrolled in math and physics courses.
  • Workshops are available in chemistrymath and physics.
  • Individual writing appointments are available for undergraduate students.
  • Aggie Gramma Guide is an online writing resource for everyone.
  • Individual tutoring appointments for students to ask questions and practice problems in
    • BIS 101-105
    • CHEM 2ABC, 8AB, 118ABC
    • ECON 1A, 1B, 101
    • ENG 102, 103, 105
    • EME 106
    • MATH 12, 16ABC, 17ABC, 21ABCD
    • PHY 7ABC, 9ABC
    •  STATS 13, 100
  • Online resources are available for students to watch videos, see practice problems, and course notes available through the specialist websites.

Writing Support Services

Writing support from the AATC will be completely online for Summer.  Writing Specialists and Tutors will hold 30 minute one-on-one appointments on Zoom that you can book between 3-72 hours in advance, Once you make your appointment, please check your email for further instructions and a Zoom meeting inviteBecause our Writing Studio and other drop-in locations will be closed, you can book an appointment for any type of writing (coursework, scholarship letters, personal statements, etc.)  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ariel, the Writing Specialist who normally holds office hours in the Native Nest.

Virtual Advising Career Advising

 For Fall Quarter, the ICC is providing services in a virtual format and in person.  You can still find a job, internship or career position! Check our website for regular updates.  Here are some quick links to our services.

  • Need a part-time or temporary job right now?  Check our “Quick hire” list.  These are local/regional opportunities in which hiring is taking place quickly to provide essential services (biotech, logistics, health care services, child care, etc.) during the national health crisis. We are updating as we hear of more opportunities.
  • Schedule phone and video advising appointments via Handshake! We are now offering late afternoon and evening appointments.
  • Interviewing can be stressful already – and now interviews are being conducted in an on-line format. Yikes!  Here’s a short video our team created this week to help you “Ace the On-line Interview!  You got this!
  • Spring quarter ICC Workshops will be delivered via Zoom.  Register for these events in Handshake to obtain the meeting number.  We are inviting employers to join and share their tips.  This is an additional way to connect with employers and continue to build your network!
  • Companies are still recruiting! Search jobs and internships via Handshake.
  • Stay up-to-date by visiting our websiteWe are adding content and resources regularly to meet student’s needs. 

Reach out anytime to our ICC specialist Lynn Fowler and she will set up a Zoom or Phone appointment. 

Student Success Strategies

Success Coaching and Learning Strategies in the Office of Educational Opportunities and Enrichment Services has gone virtual and has updated its materials to reflect the current educational context of remote learning to better support students.  

Pre Graduate/Pre Law Advising

All Pre Graduate and Law Advising services are now available online or over the phone.  Students can make appointments on the Advising Appointment System or by calling (530) 752-4475. Check out the schedule for our online workshops.

CAN Counseling

Tracy Thomas, LMFT is available for virtual appointments.

Watch a video from Tracy here.

Direct Phone: (530) 752-2673 (non-urgent)

Information for Admitted Students

Watch the Native American Resource panel for Transfers students.

Watch our Native American Student panel for Transfer students 

Watch our Aggie Experience LIVE Native American Resource and Student panel for freshmen.

Fall Quarter Availablity and Appointments

Deserea Langley, Ph.D.

  • Associate Director
Fall quarter availability and appointments:
Michelle Villegas-Frazier

Michelle Villegas-Frazier

  • Director | Pomo, Pinoleville
  • Strategic Native American Retention Initiatives/Student Affairs
Fall quarter availability and appointments: All meetings will be virtual. Please email to set up a virtual appointment.
Lynn, ICC advisor

Lynn Fowler

  • Senior Career Advisor
  • Internship and Career Center
Fall quarter availability and appointments: All meetings will be virtual. Please email to set up a virtual appointment.
Ariel, Writing Specialist

Ariel Loring

  • Writing Specialist
  • Writing Support Center in the Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers (AATC)
Fall quarter availability and appointments: Writing support from the AATC will be completely online for Spring Quarter. Sign up for 30 minute one-on-one appointments on Zoom. You can book between 3-72 hours in advance:

Adriana Martin

  • Office Coordinator
  • Native American Academic Student Services Center
Photo of CAN Counselor Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas, LMFT

  • Community Counselor
  • UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services (position housed at NAASSC)
Fall quarter availability and appointments: All meetings will be virtual. Please email to set up a virtual appointment.