Featured Annual Events

Build community by volunteering for or taking part in special annual events, such as Pow Wow and Fall retreat.

Pow Wow

Powwow celebrates the traditions and contributions of Indigenous people and cultures. The powwow creates a space on the UC Davis campus for Native American music, dance, Native voices, art and culture to be vibrantly visible. It provides opportunities for the campus and local Native community to build connections to address the social, cultural, historical and political issues facing Indigenous people. Powwow educates our UC Davis campus and larger community about the diverse cultural elements that comprise and contribute to our society. It promotes cross-cultural communication and alliances by providing opportunities for community and leadership experiences and development for the student community at UC Davis. The Davis powwow presents speakers, workshops, seminars, art exhibits, performing artists, films, receptions, cultural ceremonies and educates and empowers youth through outreach conferences.

NAASSC Fall Welcome

NAASSC  welcomes new and current students to campus, providing them with information about resources, organizations and services available for them throughout the year. 

NAASSC Orientation

NAASSC provides an orientation to new freshmen and transfer students. During this orientation NAASSC staff provides campus resources to assist with the transition to UC Davis.

Native American Heritage Month

NAASSC will have programming and events planned in November to celebrate Native Americans, the original inhabitants of our country, including the Patwin people who called this land home long before it was UC Davis.